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Claire Deeb
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Tel : +33 (0)1 6963 6019
Groupe : Micro et Nano Optique

Research scientist in the field of optics, active plasmonics, and nanophotonics, specializing in advancing plasmon nanolaser sources and investigating energy transfer processes at the nanoscale. Expertise in nanofabrication, nanocharacterization, optical spectroscopy, and near-field imaging. Author of over 15 influential papers, has received 2 PhD awards, and has led the MRSEC Student/Postdoc Leadership Council at Northwestern University. Editor of Progresses in Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials.


2014  Post-doctoral Research Associate, Northwestern University, USA
2012  Joint Research Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory (USA) and University of Technology of Troyes (France)
2010  Ph.D. Physics, Optics and Nanotechnology, University of Technology of Troyes, France
2007  M.S. Physics, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon


2011  Best Ph.D of the region Champagne Ardenne ”Prix du rayonnement et de l’impact scientifique”
2011  Best Ph.D of the Chancellerie of Reims University and the University of Technology of Troyes



P. K. Jain and C. Deeb, ”Near-Fields in Assembled Plasmonic Nanostructures,” In Handbook of Molecular Plasmonics, ISBN 9789814303200, Pan Stanford Publishing, (2013).

PEER-REVIEWED PAPERS (* Ph.D co-supervisor)

  1. A. Yang, T. B. Hoang, M. Dridi, C. Deeb, M. H. Mikkelsen, G. C. Schatz, and T. W. Odom,
    Real-time tunable lasing from plasmonic nanocavity arrays,
    Nature Communications 6, 1-7 (2015).
  2. X. Zhou,* C. Deeb, S. Kostcheev, G. P. Wiederrecht, P. M. Adam, J. Beal, J. Plain, D. Gosztola, J. Grand, N. Felidj, H. Wang, A. Vial, and R. Bachelot,
    Selective Functionalization of the Nanogap of a Plasmonic Dimer,
    ACS Photonics, 2(11), 121-129 (2015).
  3. X. Zhou,* O. Soppera, J. Plain, S. Jradi, X. W. Sun, H. V. Demir, X. Yang, C. Deeb, S. K. Gray, G. P. Wiederrecht, and R. Bachelot,
    Plasmon-Based Photopolymerization: Near-Field Probing, Advanced Photonic Nanostructures and Nanophotochemistry,
    Invited paper at Journal of Optics, 16(11), 114002 (2014).
  4. X. Zhou,* C. Deeb, R. Vincent, T. Lerond, P. M. Adam, J. Plain, G. P. Wiederrecht, F. Charra, C. Fiorini, G. Colas des Francs, O. Soppera, and R. Bachelot,
    Polarization-Dependent Fluorescence on an Anisotropic Gold/Polymer Hybrid Nano-Emitter,
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  5. O. Soppera, C. Deeb, C. Ecoffet, R. Bachelot, J. Plain, and A. Bouhelier,
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  6. C. Deeb, X. Zhou,* J. Plain, G. P. Wiederrecht, R. Bachelot, M. J. Russell, and P. K. Jain,
    Size-Dependence of the Plasmonic Near-Field Measured via Single-Nanoparticle Photoimaging,
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  7. C. Deeb, X. Zhou,* R. Miller, S. K. Gray, S. Marguet, J. Plain, G. P. Wiederrecht, and R. Bachelot,
    Mapping the Electromagnetic Near-Field Enhancements of Gold Nanocubes,
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116(46), 24734-24740 (2012).
  8. C. Deeb, C. Ecoffet, R. Bachelot, J. Plain, A. Bouhelier, and O. Soppera,
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  9. C. Deeb, X. Zhou,* D. Gerard, A. Bouhelier, P. K. Jain, J. Plain, O. Soppera, P. Royer, and R. Bachelot,
    Off-Resonant Optical Excitation of Gold Nanorods: Nanoscale Imprint of Polarization Surface Charge Distribution,
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  10. C. Deeb, R. Bachelot, J. Plain, A.-L. Baudrion, S. Jradi, A. Bouhelier, O. Soppera, P. K. Jain, L. Huang, C. Ecoffet, L. Balan, and P. Royer,
    Quantitative Analysis of Localized Surface Plasmons Based on Molecular Probing,
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  11. C. Deeb, L. Huang, J. Plain, A. Bouhelier, O. Soppera, R. Bachelot, and P. Royer,
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    Lebanese Science Journal (ISSN 1561-3410), 11(2), 105-115 (2010).
  12. M. Korek and C. Deeb,
    ”A New Formulation for the Herman-Wallis Coefficients for Infrared Transitions of A Diatomic Molecule,”
    Internet Electronic Journal of Molecular Design, 5, 296-305 (2006).


C. Deeb, A.-L. Baudrion, S. Jradi, J. Plain, A. Bouhelier, O. Soppera, L. Balan, H. Ridaoui, P. Royer, and R. Bachelot,
Nanoscale Photo Polymerization Induced by the Enhanced Optical Near Field of Metallic Nanoparticles
Proceedings of SPIE, 7395, 739505-1 (2009).