Émilie Sakat

Doctorante MiNaO 2010-2013
Post-doc MiNaO 2013


Research activity and domains:

Photonics, Plasmonics, Optics, Nonlinear physics, Spintronics

Reseach skills:

Electromagnetic simulation (RCWA, FDTD)
Nanofabrication process in clean-room
Multispectral imaging, experimental characterization


2013 PhD in Physics, École Polytechnique ParisTech
2009 École Centrale de Lyon, Micro-nanobiotechnology Engineer, Lyon
2009 Master research in Innovative Materials, Université Lyon 1  

Professional experience :


Postdoc at Politecnico di Milano, Italy
European project on doped Ge for plasmonics and photonics applications
Photovoltaic cells based on spintronics devices
2010 - 2013
PhD at MiNaO
Infrared band-pass spectral filtering based on subwavelength grating
2009 - 2010
(8 months)
Laboratoire d'Interaction Laser Matière (CEA-DEN), Saclay
Femtosecond laser interaction with solids
(6 months)
CRN2, Laboratoire de Biophotonique et d'OptoÉlectronique, Canada
Nanofabrication processes to improve the sensibility of SPPs biosensors

Scientific awards:

2014 Airbus Group Foundation's award


E-mail emilie.sakat ..AT.. gmail.com
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