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Laboratory of Micro and Nano Optics (MiNaO)

MiNaO is a joint research laboratory between the CNRS and the ONERA was first created in March 2015. It embodies ten years of close collaboration between the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (C2N) at Marcoussis and the Department of Theoretical and Applied Optics (DOTA) at Palaiseau. The research objectives of MiNaO, ranging from promoting theory to pursuing applications, aim at developing new concepts in metal/dielectric systems structured at the nanometer scale.

image funneling
Fundamental problems in nanophotonics
► New concepts
► Expérimental setups
► Numerical tools
Implementation to infrared components :
► Passive components
► Resonant photodetectors
► Thermal sources
Implementation to infrared imaging
► Multi-spectral snapshot
► Nera-Infrared CMOS
► THz


Thesis defense: Michaël Verdun
Nanostructured InGaAs Photodetectors for Infrared Imaging
September 30th (10:00am) at École Polytechnique (amphi Carnot)
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